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Mark Warner, Architect.
As an artist I find shubhra's works to be lyrical. I am impressed with her photography and that she commits herself to both the camera and the brush with equal enthusiasm.
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Vasundhara Tewari Broota, Artist.
Shubhra's work is marked by a spontaneity and spiritedness which is remarkable.
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Sanjay Nanda, IndiPix Gallery.
Every time she shows me a new body of work, there is an evolvement of technique style and concepts. What has been interesting for me is that I was a distant 'witness' to the internal journey of the artist. And this is what I have enjoyed the most.
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Shailan Parker and Joginder Singh, PhotoSensitive.
Shubhra's explorations with the camera have led her on to a journey that has taken her wandering the landscape and her immediate surrounding in search of imagery that she tries to include in her expression as a painter.
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Rajesh K Sharma, Artist and Art Teacher.
Shubhra's painting style is abstract. Color composition and texturing is her greatest strength. Her paintings are a reflection of her own personality, which shows sincerity and immense involvement in her work.
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Mrs Tripta Khurana, Chief Architect, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.
Due diligence, commitment and an eye for quality was demonstrated by Shubhra & Vibhor when executing the work assigned to them. We are pleased with the overall outcome…
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Shubhra Chaturvedi, Artist & Photographer

I grew up thinking I could never draw or paint because I am not a creative person. I look back at that time and realize how wrong I was. Today, I am a full time artist and photographer. I am a story teller; when I am in front of my canvas, or behind my lens, I sense stories ready to pour out through my brush or my camera. It's as Richard Bach says, "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they are yours."

I spent a regular childhood with regular run-of-the-mill aspirations. I did my MBA from Pune and worked for over 12 years in the corporate sector as an HR professional and then I gave up my corporate life to pursue the world of art.

My paintings are an expression of what's inside my head and heart. Each time I am in front of my canvas, the experience is different. With every work, I see a new light and try to bring it out in different forms, textures and colours. I have been inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gaugin and Picasso.

Photography happened in 2006 when I was exploring the world of colours, composition et al through my paintings. My camera and I discover new patterns and perspectives in the same old things, light, people and places. I explore the world through my lens and give it my own meaning.

As an artist & photographer my single point focus has been to see things in a different light. My work, assignments so far has enabled just that i.e. to see life and its various subjects in a different light each time. As I explore new terrains in the world of art through art, installations and photography, I find new aspects to life as well. It has been a very enriching and rewarding journey so far both as an artist and as a person.

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